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Fang Chin » No worries. =) Mao just started working now. I'm working as a project engineer in water treatment business. Final year sucks but it'll be rewarding in the end when u graduate!
Steph » sorry.. havent drop by for such a LOOOONG period! so has ma found his new job? or still bumming? what are u working as, fc? i hate final yr.. =(
Fang Chin » Mao: You should consider being a philosopher like tuck kor
Mao » If there is only one reason for any problem/solution, life would be pretty easy. lol
Fang Chin » to steph: Working at shah alam. Mao resigned cause of the 2 years bond. Haha
Steph » wooo! i see.. wher are u working now ar? why mao resigned? bad pay? not the work he is looking for?
Fang Chin » hey steph, really long time no see. We seldom have time to even see each other. Everybody is working right now I suppose.Cept for Mao, just resigned. lol
Steph » hey people.. hw r u guys? havent meet u guys after exams i bet? onee once in mv i saw fc.. the rest macam mana now?
Fang Chin » to mao: Haha, don't blog down later forget what is Neuschwanstein how? Lol. U sit down n shake leg everyday ah?
Mao » I'm being paid while visiting your blog.. Lol
Mao » Nabeh, after one year still blogging europe trip ar? you ma damn semangat..
Mao » Nabeh, after one year still blogging europe trip ar? you ma damn semangat..
Fang Chin » to steph: Haha, yeah. Damn syiok. Miss the vacation la
Steph » hey.. ur bali trip seems damn cunted! hrm.. yea.. very bad i would say.. normal price lo.. like we booked online..
Fang Chin » Oh yeah, how to pass it to you eh?
Nanny » Fridge magnet
Fang Chin » to SL: Not sleeping will cause me to be even depressed...haha
Sue-Li » updates! sleeping too much will cause depression! =P
Fang Chin » Haha, air asia X that bad? issit expensive?
Steph » hey! glad ur nasi lemak was nice! my curry rendang chicken sucks! to the very max i would say.. like prisoner having their meals! *grr*
ENKI » lol.. My real life just started today (",)
Fang Chin » HI! sometimes only what...lol
Sue-Li » Just dropping by to say Hi! (this is proof tht i do come by ur blog at times ok) =)
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shin » my eyessssssss~~ they are already exposed to bad final year project shit and now this pic!!! my eyessssss
Rishi » Great updates...I would like to take this opportunity to introduce to you and your friends on our Homemade Cake business.
Fang Chin » to ss: Yea, remember reading abt it in ur blog before. Wonder if any tourist is pushing it now...hmm
Soon Seng » Haha.. Teluk Intan has a leaning tower too... I've not seen it for some time, though.
Fang Chin » to kimberly: haha, just book an airplane to amsterdam. =p but too bad shrooms are banned now
Kimberly Seow » OMG! FANGCHIN! SCHROOMS! SPACE CAKE! OMGOODNESS! How I wish I was you. Lol.
Steph » hello! come have a look! http://munzzie.blogspot.com/2008/12/brand-new-ipod -classic-120gb-for-sale.html
Fang Chin » to josh: Merry christmas to you too
Fang Chin » to jlynn: Haha, I didn't eat much in Barcelona wei..lol
Josh » Merry Christmas!
jlynn » haha.really? guess what?i belum try lagi coz i thought MCD here is expensive.I only tried KFC.after that no fastfood for me anymore.LOL!quick! blog about barcelona & nice/cheap food i can find thr.=)
Fang Chin » Oh yea, UK cheeseburger 89 pence oni rite? Our version of euroburger...haha
Fang Chin » Interail is a pass for travelling between countries at cheaper price. Diff from railcard. The happy hour is around dinner time mostly,7-9pm?
Fang Chin » But don't blame me if not nice.. Just something unique.Oh,the famous street called La Rambla also.A lot of street performers and got a market nearby that sell some nice food as well.
Fang Chin » to jlynn: I did not go to madrid. Only barca. barca is really nice, visit the Gaudi works namely the Sagrada Familiar, gaudi park and La pedrera.those r worth the admission fees IMO
Fang Chin » shit..tagboard malfunction
Fang Chin » testing testing
Fang Chin » testing again
Fang Chin » testing
Fang Chin » to jlynn: Haha, not considered rare cause u like at least one of them.lol
Fang Chin » to jlynn: Not rare, you either like both or at least one! Haha
Fang Chin » to jlynn: Not rare, you either like both or at least one! Haha
jlynn » when exactly is the happy hour?? it's damn worth it man. and is everywhere in the europe except UK we can get like a burger for 1 euro?
jlynn » and good tips. i would prefer to walk to as you can experienced more when u walk. interail is different from railcard right??
jlynn » hey. when are u gonna blog about barcelona? I'm heading there in a week's time! and i have no clue where to go. did u go to madrid as well?
jlynn » I don't like cheese but i love chocolates. am I one of the rare species? hahaha.
Fang Chin » to shin: Haha, there is nothing behind anyway. Just a wall. And us..lol
Fang Chin » to angel: No luck wan la me
shin » muka tembok! the lady tourist's camera not pointing towards u guys!! syok sendiri la ni macha XD
Angel » LOL! your cards pretty suck.
Fang Chin » to pam: So when wanna fly to Msia to visit me..lol
Fang Chin » to shin: Another half a year to go for this shit
Pamela » huh?taling about outdated..u r back in malaysia n i thought u still in some europe country..hahaha..
shin » final year = pain in the ass... especially the project. i'm getting grey hair from this shit!
Fang Chin » to Pam: Adui,I can't never be fat I suppose. I am back in Msia dy doing my final year. These are backdated stuffs. Lol
Fang Chin » to Enki: Haha, not that hard. Rich guys everywhere...lol
Pamela » i thought europeans eat alot of fats.. y are u still so thin although u have stayed there so long? which part of earth are u at now? can visit u if i do fly there.. haha..
ENKI » New goal in life: Grab a bloody rich fella and migrate to Switzerland lol... jk =P
Fang Chin » to cheese: I think they must have trained well to prevent such incidents from happening...haha
cheese » Long time havent been here,hehe...hmmm,kinda hurts if go over a speed bump without any "padding" no?
Fang Chin » to jordan:Haha, why issit suitable for Ivan?
Fang Chin » to Enki: Thanks a lot!
Jordan » This blog is very the suitable for this other friend of mine, Ivan. Ivan, read this. Lol. Not like he even know about this. Crazysh!t
ENKI » Excellent sharing of experience in backpacking!!!
Fang Chin » to jlynn: Haha, told you they won't be bothered to check one. Anyway, enjoy ur stay!!
jlynn » hello... i'm already in the uk for like 2 weeks d.. lol.. i should have brought more things.. and maybe i should borong my sambal also. Haha! they din even check at all.. I just walked out only. -.-
Fang Chin » to mk: Thanks a lot!
mk » awesome trips and reviews. I love your entries =)
Fang Chin » to jlynn: Bon voyage...have a good trip
jlynn » custom were very busy at that time izit?i'm scared lah. hmm..nvm. thanks a lot. =)am doing last minute packing now. haha.
Fang Chin » to jlynn: It should be fine as long as you check them in. My frens n I weren't checked by customs at all. Most of us just walked thru
jlynn » them to finish up on the spot?! I'm bringing a small bottle of oyster sauce and soy sauce. was wondering whether can bring or not.thks.
jlynn » hihi. thanks. sorry to bother you again. what about sauce/ketchup.. all these kind of liquid food? is it okay? coz my friend told me that her friends got stopped by at the custom and the officer asked
Fang Chin » to jlynn: Well, we just walk through the green channel. Unless u look suspicious, if not they won't check ur bags at all.Not as strict as Aussie
jlynn » they will just throw them away without fining you.
jlynn » haha.do u think i should go to the red channel to declare stuffs or straight to green channel?? i heard if u declare, n if they found stuffs not supposed to be brought in,
Fang Chin » to jlynn: I'm pretty sure dairy products are allowed.I brought plenty of milo there...haha
jlynn » of course!that's if i have the extra money.lol.anyway, just wanna ask, are those 3-in-1 packets of milo consider as dairy products? heard dairy products not allowed.
Fang Chin » to EeVon: been to the BMW place n the famous castle but never heard of black forest le..beethoven i lagi blur..haha
Ee Von » heard about bayern (BMW place), black forest (cuckoo clock place) and their old old castles! and of course beethoven! hahaaha
Fang Chin » to Ee von: Haha, I didn't know u like turkish delights,if not can get some, quite cheap only.What have u heard abt Germany, i've oni been to Berlin & Munich la
Ee Von » OMG THE ORIGINAL TURKISH DELIGHT!!! Huhuhu why oh why didn't I think of asking u to buy some back T______T faster blog about Germany! I've heard lots about there!
Fang Chin » to jlynn: Thanks, remember to travel before u come back from UK! Haha,not sure whether the boy can sing or not..
jlynn » hi there. nice reviews and all. anyway, that little boy grilling the fish looks like david archuleta. hahaha!
Fang Chin » to nanny: Lol, so consider me completing ur assignment on marketing?
Nanny » Aha, now I know marketing is indeed a powerful tool. Choosing the right course and career path *give myself a pat on the back*
Fang Chin » Haha, indeed indeed. You want some?
Nanny » enjoying your teh tarik and mee goreng eh? *jealous*
Fang Chin » to shin: Hope I have a good dark photo of myself....searches...